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The real-time, live logbook solution for SME fleets

The benefits of a fleet management and tracking system are well-known and include the improved management of fleet vehicles in terms of accurate recordkeeping for insurance, tax and driver remuneration purposes, live vehicle and trip tracking, as well as improved driver behaviour which leads to reduced fuel consumption, wear and tear and fewer accidents. Until now, few small fleets have been unable to harness these benefits due to the costs associated with most fleet management and tracking systems.

But now, thanks to the new GPS Log Book LIVE – the hassle-free, hands-off solution to tracking vehicle mileage, usage and position, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year – small and medium business owners, including plumbers, electricians, building contractors with one or more vehicles, as well as companies that offer company vehicles to their employees, can harness the major benefits of an entry level fleet management, automated log book and tracking system, without the costs.

With a compact and rugged design, the GPS Log Book LIVE simply plugs into the cigarette lighter of a vehicle, or can be installed permanently in the vehicle at an authorised dealer. It records every trip, using high sensitivity GPS and intelligent logging software. The recently launched GPS Logbook LIVE version uploads this data automatically via the GSM network, where it is stored for the mandatory five-year period and can be viewed online anytime and from anywhere. Users have the ability to track the movement of a vehicle using Google Maps, live and in real-time on the GPS Logbook website or to review the trips later at their convenience. Each trip can be categorised and annotated with comments, resulting in quick, detailed and SARS-compliant tax logbooks, comprehensive records of billable hours and extensive mileage and usage data for business owners.

Taking this exceptional convenience even further, standard GPS Logbook users can now enjoy the benefits of the PRO Account, extending the functionality of the device to include a mobile app, automatic address look up and even more detailed categorisation of each trip, allowing users to customise their own categories.

GPS Logbook LIVE users will automatically enjoy the new benefits of the PRO Account as part of their monthly subscription cost, which covers the sim card, airtime, data management and live Google maps usage ensuring the vehicle is continuously tracked, monitored and that the data is updated in real-time. Existing GPS Logbook users can choose to subscribe to the PRO Account as part of their current GPS Logbook package at a nominal monthly cost.

GPS Log Book LIVE is truly the hands-free and hands-off solution to tracking the mileage, usage and position of vehicles in a small fleet. Simply plug it in, and view the vehicles’ movements live or review it later while enjoying the ability to categorise and annotate every single trip, how and when it suits the particular requirements of your business.

For more information on the GPS Log Book device visit or contact 0861 GPS LOG / 0861 477 564.