News Release

The logbook solution that’s as mobile and dynamic as you are

A new easy-to-use device that’s as dynamic and mobile as you are is now available to take the hassle out of keeping a detailed logbook, whether for tax purposes or reimbursement of travel expenses.

You are mobile and dynamic, and you simply cannot be slowed down by the outdated practice of keeping a manual logbook in the cubbyhole, and painstakingly recording odometer readings, client details and the reason for the visit after every single trip. Yet, you need a detailed logbook to prove billable hours to your company or client, and to claim your travel tax allowances and expenses.

Now you can Simply Plug and Drive with GPS Logbook, a small, stylish and hassle-free device which simply plugs into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle and records each and every trip, using high sensitivity GPS, intelligent logging software and a substantial logging memory. The GPS Logbook automatically and accurately logs the date, time and opening and closing odometer readings, GPS coordinates and fuel consumption for each trip, and even records your vehicle services and car washes!

When you need the data, simply upload via USB on your computer (both PC and Mac compliant) to the GPS Logbook website Here you can view and categorise your trips using Google Maps, add your comments and notes and create “zones” for your frequent trips, which will then be categorised automatically.

With a click of your mouse, you can keep track of daily meetings and monthly travel expenses, print a number of useful business travel claim reports as and when required, and produce an accurate and detailed SARS-compliant logbook to claim your vehicle travel tax allowance (which will only be considered by SARS if your mileage has been accurately recorded in a logbook that is not deemed deficient in any way).

You can also charge your smartphone, GPS or other mobile USB devices while using the GPS Logbook and the intuitive LED indicator alerts you when the device’s memory is almost full, so you can Simply Plug and Drive. Take the hum-drum out of an exciting sales career and stay mobile and dynamic by investing in the GPS Logbook for only R849.00 including VAT. For more information or to purchase the GPS Log Book device visit the secure website at or contact 0861 GPS LOG / 0861 477 564.