News Release

Safeguarding your guests and assets

The safety of guests and staff, as well as ongoing cost optimisation, remain among the crucial priorities for South Africa’s travel and hospitality providers, and particularly for game lodges and bush camps, that are often located in remote, difficult-to-reach areas with poor cellular network coverage and are populated only by wild – and often dangerous – animals.
Built on advanced technology by Digital Matter Telematics (DMT), the rugged and robust G50 and solar-powered G52 tracking and monitoring devices have created a cost-efficient and effective solution for game farms, lodges and bush camps, allowing them to track and monitor continuously the location of their guests; staff; vehicles; and other moveable assets.
Far more than traditional tracking devices, the G50 and G52 Solar provide a comprehensive telematics solution for a range of applications. These devices accurately record the time, position and speed of an asset, along with a host of additional data, such as monitoring vibration and shock, logging data from external sensors and storing zone definitions for alarm notifications. Using intelligent logging software, the devices record second by second data in a four-hour buffer, which is transferred to any location with GSM coverage in real-time. Units outside GSM coverage areas record and store large amounts of data on the flash memory, which is uploaded once the unit returns within GSM coverage. High sensitivity assisted GPS technology for optimal GPS signal reception allow low signal tracking and quicker position fixes, especially in locations of poor GPS coverage.
Compact, rugged and weather-proof, the devices are installed quickly and easily internally or externally on any asset. The G52’s built-in solar panel keeps the internal battery charged and the unit operational in remote and low-touch areas, while the G50 has its own internal back-up battery which powers the unit during power loss and if external power is removed.
These unique features make the G50 and G52 Solar devices ideal for outdoor, remote travel destinations. The G50 was recently tested at the Zingela Safari & River Company, a bush camp in the Zulu Kingdom, which is only accessible from Weenan or Colenso by rugged game viewing vehicles.
The G50 allows the establishment to ensure the safety of guests during game drives in remote, rugged areas with no or poor network coverage, vulnerable to numerous risks ranging from burst tyres and mechanical breakdowns to accidents and medical emergencies. Furthermore, the device allows staff at base camp to prepare for the arrival or return of guests with impressive timing.
By monitoring the movement of game viewing and other vehicles, as well as recording driver behaviour such as speeding and harsh braking via the highly user friendly web based reporting dashboard, lodge management can prevent unauthorised use of vehicles and the use of vehicles outside designated areas. Furthermore, impressive cost reductions can be achieved in accurate monitoring of vehicle mileage, fuel level, running times, battery status and maintenance warnings.
In addition, the tracking and monitoring of moveable assets and adventure gear including canoes, kayaks, quad bikes, trailers, boats, jet skis and tents; and equipment such as tractors, can significantly reduce the costs associated with locating or replacing these assets.
Says Mark Casely owner of Zingela: “Ensuring our guests’ safety and knowing their whereabouts at all times, especially in the rugged remote area we are situated in, with poor network coverage, is crucial to our business. The G50 device is also a brilliant driver management system – we have been able to enhance game guide management, creating responsibility among our drivers and changing driver behaviour, while also tracking and monitoring the camp assets including tents, kayaks and quad bikes, as well as our equipment such as tractors and planters.”
For more information on the G50 or G52 solar device visit or contact 0861 477 564.