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Love your pets and let FRONTLINE® protect them this spring

The winter months may have brought your pets some relief from the itching and scratching caused by fleas, but don’t be hoodwinked into thinking that they are gone! In fact, during the chilly winter months, your warm and cosy home has been the perfect hibernation ground for fleas which are ready to multiply into a serious infestation.

The warmer weather creates perfect conditions for kick-starting the life cycle of thousands of flea eggs laid early in the winter months. During the winter these eggs hatched larvae, which have developed into hibernating pupae in carpets, furniture, along baseboards, and in nooks and crannies all over your home – including your bedding and your pets’ bedding. When these pupae awaken from hibernation, as spring brings warmer conditions and more humidity, you could have a full-blown flea infestation on your hand, with these tormenting terrors spreading disease and terrorising your furry friends and your family.

To keep your pets and your loved ones safe from ticks and fleas, ready to prowl for warm-blooded hosts this Spring, you will need more than just love: you’ll need the powerful tick and flea protection of Frontline® Plus.

To help you step up your protection against ticks and fleas, Merial, manufacturers of the trusted brand FRONTLINE®, is offering a 20% discount on your entire purchase of any of the FRONTLINE® range, between 1-14 September 2014. Diarise these dates to ensure you get the ultimate all-round tick and flea protection for your pets at a great price! Redeem your coupon from any vet practice or vet shop.

For further information: or call the helpline 0860 MERIAL (0860 637 425).