News Release

High-tech logbooks: Safe and Secured in the Cloud

Electronic logbooks have revolutionised the way in which users log their vehicle mileage in line with SARS’s new regulations for travel tax allowances. Far removed from the archaic and highly unreliable “pen-and-paper-in-the-cubbyhole” system, electronic logbooks, such as the GPS Log Book, consist of a small, stylish and wireless device which simply plugs into the cigarette lighter of a vehicle and records the details of every trip, using high sensitivity GPS, intelligent logging software and a substantial logging memory. Periodically, the device is plugged into a computer (PC or Mac) via USB. The data is uploaded and trips can be viewed using Google Maps, categorised and annotated with comments, resulting in a quick, detailed and SARS-compliant tax logbook that is available online at any time and is accessible from anywhere in the world.

While this system is certainly immeasurably superior to the pen-and-paper system, ensuring every trip is recorded accurately and in full detail for a SARS-compliant tax logbook, users may well forfeit all the benefits of using a high-tech solution if the data is not secured for the mandatory five-year period as stipulated by SARS. And it is here where the GPS Log Book distinguishes itself as the most secure and reliable electronic logbook solution. When the data on the GPS Log Book device is uploaded using the USB cable and a “Sync” application that is installed automatically on the user’s computer, the user connects to GPS Log Book’s cloud-hosted secure server. This, along with advanced encryption, ensures the data is absolutely safe and secured from any possible form of loss or damage.

While the data remains accessible from anywhere in the world through all major Internet web browsers, users are assured that their data is absolutely safe in a security controlled hosting environment, featuring a guaranteed 99.9% uptime per year, high-speed bandwidth, security firewalls and the SSL data encryption used by banks to secure Internet banking facilities. In addition, GPS Log Book’s servers are equipped with redundant components, including redundant power supplies, while the data is archived and backed up daily, and databases are mirrored for added redundancy. To ensure compliance with country-specific data protection laws and regulations, GPS Log Book also hosts servers in specific countries including Australia, New Zealand, US and UK.

This advanced technology further enables GPS Log Book to provide a streamlined user experience. Due to the synchronisation between the GPS Log Book infrastructure and architecture, any maintenance or upgrades to the system are done in the Cloud, eliminating the need for user participation. When a user uploads data via the USB, upgrades to the device are automatically completed at the same time. In addition, the system allows for news, support updates and notifications of “sync status” to be sent to all users instantaneously across the globe.

Electronic logbooks that do not feature secure data encryption and storage in a cloud-hosted secure server are tantamount to the archaic pen-and-paper system in terms of the risk it poses to the user. If the data is not safe and secured in the cloud, the user faces the risk of losing this data if the device is lost or stolen, if the user’s computer crashes or if the server on which the data is stored is compromised in some way. And such a data loss could result in a significant tax liability given the strict travel allowance regulations imposed by SARS, which can reject a travel allowance tax claim if the user cannot provide a full and detailed logbook, or if SARS deems the logbook deficient in any way.

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