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GPS Logbook now available at your local Tiger Wheel & Tyre

Do you keep a manual logbook to claim tax and business travel expenses back? Are you tired of having to remember to record each trip with pen and paper? How about spending hours calculating and catching up on trip admin you forgot to log? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then visit your local Tiger Wheel & Tyre, where you will find the hassle-free, hands-free GPS Logbook which automatically logs your trips for you.

Small, stylish and easy to use, the GPS Logbook simply plugs into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle and records every trip, using high sensitivity GPS, intelligent logging software and a substantial logging memory. It automatically and accurately logs the date, time and opening and closing odometer readings.  Your online GPS Logbook profile gives you added features like being able to; Look up GPS coordinates for each trip, as well as see the time, position and speed of the vehicle at any incremental point the journey. The GPS Logbook site even has options for you to record your vehicle services, car washes, oil and fuel expenses for reporting and claiming purposes!

Another USB device (iPhone, Blackberry, Smartphone/device, Garmin) can be charged while using the GPS Logbook and its intuitive LED indicator lets you know when the memory is almost full. When you need the data, simply upload via USB on your computer (PC or Mac) to the GPS Logbook website Here you can view and categorise your trips using Google Maps, add your comments and notes and create “zones” for your frequent trips, which will then be categorised automatically. With a click of your mouse, you can keep track of daily meetings and monthly travel expenses, print useful business travel claim reports, and produce accurate and detailed SARS-compliant logbooks to claim a travel allowance.

You can now also enjoy the benefits of a mobile app, automatic address look up and even more detailed categorisation of your trips with the new PRO Account *.

“We are delighted to partner with Tiger Wheel & Tyre, which has an extensive network of tyre fitment centres across southern Africa, to deliver the GPS Logbook convenience to your doorstep, wherever you are in Southern Africa,” comments Alex Soldatos, MD of Digital Matter Embedded.

“It is a partnership that will ensure a physical retail presence for GPS Logbook, which was previously only sold online, and it will add further value to Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s customers, who voted Tiger Wheel & Tyre South Africa’s Top Tyre Retailer in the 2012 Times and Sowetan Retail Awards.”

Take the hassle out of keeping a logbook with a GPS Logbook for only R899.00 in store including VAT. For more information or to purchase your GPS Logbook, visit your local Tiger Wheel & Tyre, shop online at the secure website or contact us on 0861 GPS LOG / 0861 477 564.

*optional low monthly subscription