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Don’t let your guard down – keep your pets protected all year round!

Have you noticed your pets scratching recently? It may be a tell-tale sign that your pets have become victims of blood-sucking ticks or fleas, and that means your home may be infested with these parasites too.
Ticks and fleas feed on your pets’ blood and can consume 15 times their body weight in blood each day. Controlling these parasites is crucial to the good health of your pets and your family, as they can cause a range of health-related issues such as mild skin irritations, itching and scratching, Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) and anaemia due to the amount of blood lost.
In addition, the fleas you see feeding on your pets’ blood are only a minor 5% of an infestation – 95% or more of fleas are living, breeding and hatching in your carpets, floors, furniture and outdoor environment.
Learning about the dangers these parasites pose and arming yourself with the right products to keep these pests at bay, will result in happier, pest-free pets. Many pet lovers only treat their pets against fleas and ticks during the summer and winter months. However, to keep your home and pets pest-free and carefree, pets need to be treated with Frontline® on a monthly basis and a good, ongoing housekeeping routine must be maintained.
It can take several weeks and repeated treatments to eliminate a flea infestation, as fleas in all the stages of the flea life cycle – from egg to larvae, to young adult, to feeding adult, to reproducing adult – must be eliminated. The best defence is not letting your guard down, no matter the time of the year!
Keeping your guard up all year round to prevent flea and tick infestations and the associated illnesses is easy: regularly use trusted topical treatments for pets, such as Merial’s tried-and-tested Frontline® Plus spot-on (also available in a spray) as well as the recently launched CERTIFECT™ product range.
For further information and advice on how to keep your pets and your home free from these tiny pests all year round, please visit or, call 0860 MERIAL (0860 637 425) or contact your local vet contact.