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Brand exposure that really gets around

It is the age-old question that most advertising agencies are faced with -how do clients get more bang for their buck? As the global village is inundated with new gimmicks and social media tools, advertising agencies face quite a challenge in maximising their clients’ brand exposure effectively on an ongoing basis. The answer for many companies looking for a bigger bang may just be “mobile billboards” on luggage!

South African inspired Bbagzz has not only crafted a holistic solution to baggage pilferage, it has also created an exceptional marketing and branding opportunity for advertising agencies and companies looking for unique and innovative ways to capture the attention of local and international travellers. What better way to communicate a brand message or marketing campaign than on travel luggage?

A simple yet highly effective device to deter baggage pilferage and tampering, Bbagzz is a durable plastic enclosure for luggage. Each enclosure has its own unique insurance code activated via SMS, to provide instant insurance cover. Unlike clear plastic wrap, the uniquely branded Bbagzz bags cannot be replaced after tampering and are quick and easy to identify on the carousel.

The Bbagzz bags can be uniquely branded with any logo, image, campaign slogan or promotional message, creating a truly novel marketing platform for any business wanting to maximise its brand. The branded Bbagzz are, in essence, moving billboards that really get around – spreading your client’s branding and marketing message from the carousel at the local airport to unlimited destinations across the globe.

Ensure your clients get a slice of the branding and marketing opportunities it presents. Bbaggz branding not only offers unlimited opportunities to maximise your client’s branding and marketing as travellers move around with their Bbagzz protected luggage, emblazoned with your client’s message, but it also positions your client as caring and considerate brand keeping travellers’ luggage safe and secure.

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