Investing in Public Relations

What is PR?

Public Relations (PR) by definition, “is fundamentally the process of managing how, when and in what way you communicate, so that you may ultimately influence the behaviours, attitudes and perceptions of those important to you”.

Communication and public relations elevate a company’s stature through cost-effective tools in building reputation, recognition and loyalty in the marketplace. It increases visibility and strengthens links between an organisation and its employees, consumers, communities and partner organisations.

Why use external PR specialists?

Return on Investment: Engaging the services of a professional public relations company may seem to be an expensive option, but the old adage “you get what you pay for” holds true. Your return on investment (ROI) should be measured in relation to the editorial coverage you receive in the media.

@ Communications has an excellent track record of providing clients with a ROI of no less than 200% on their monthly investment with us.

Expertise and Experience: With our combined experience, impressive expertise, extensive media contacts and diverse client base, we are able to offer our clients a broader spectrum of services, media insights and opportunities. The services we offer as a team extends to specialised strengths such as crisis communications, reputation management, brand building and event management.

Proximity: One of our advantages as an external PR agency is our proximity to the media hub in Johannesburg. We also frequently travel to Cape Town to meet with the media. Our well-established media relations offer a powerful platform for pitching and motivating client messages and news to the media.

Tried & Tested Tools: Having successfully operated in the industry for more than 13 years, we use advanced, yet tried and tested, PR tools to generate positive editorial coverage and create top-of-mind awareness for our client partners through successful and sustained communications campaigns.

Momentum and Visibility: Understanding our client partners’ product, value proposition, competitors, markets and objectives, our team of dedicated PR specialists create significant momentum and market visibility over a shorter period of time.

Perception Strategies: Extensive marketing, advertising and public perception strategies are vital to win the trust of the public. Brand trust is developed over time and the most influential marketing is achieved through word of mouth or editorial coverage endorsed by a journalist, publication, online site, social media outlets and radio or TV coverage.